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Hey everyone! My name is Dave Lee and I make quality videos about useful tech.
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Dinh Viet Hoang
Dinh Viet Hoang 5 hours ago
Quintiax 5 hours ago
Green, as I would like to have the money to get such a card.
A'A''T 6 hours ago
Black one for me !!
James Chan
James Chan 6 hours ago
matte black
Stefano Schiappacasse
my favorite color is green
Bandelya 6 hours ago
Any color will do😎
Amar Rana-Deshmukh
Amar Rana-Deshmukh 6 hours ago
Interesting to hear a different opinion on this issue, perhaps I'm just more cynical about corporate interests! Also, green :D
Antony Gunawan
Antony Gunawan 6 hours ago
Iqbal Emy
Iqbal Emy 6 hours ago
My fav color is white. Thanks for the giveaway tho, cheers!
Ernest Yau
Ernest Yau 6 hours ago
Are you updating your spreadsheet? Lol
BennyWinZ 6 hours ago
I would like to see the Stealth and Book get bumped to 14 inches. Hopefully we could get better specs, thermals, and gpu.
Brian Supera
Brian Supera 6 hours ago
Fave color: Teal
Ijcke 6 hours ago
Black for minimalist and elegance
jacob lucio
jacob lucio 6 hours ago
Bhavesh Singh
Bhavesh Singh 6 hours ago
Favourite colour is the coloura on your ice cream diamond shirt always wondered what shirt that was although I could never get it in South Africa.
Han Eum Cho
Han Eum Cho 6 hours ago
Manan Grover
Manan Grover 6 hours ago
My favourite colour is blue !
Chris johnson
Chris johnson 7 hours ago
You throttle hard and Your a A tier to me Dave 👍
Daniel Lund
Daniel Lund 7 hours ago
MisterNiles 7 hours ago
" The battery in here is a lot smaller... physically, than the other phones in the lineup." But metaphysically it is HUGE!
expired cracker
expired cracker 7 hours ago
i only see 699
Bverto 7 hours ago
Green 👀
Jatt Sahi
Jatt Sahi 7 hours ago
Green because it is the color of the money that i need to buy it
Ben Hoswell
Ben Hoswell 7 hours ago
Dead Cells is amazing
Adithya Babu
Adithya Babu 7 hours ago
dave the ninja
Amin Nobari
Amin Nobari 7 hours ago
I wish the 17 one would allow you to have a FHD screen with the 2060 configuration.
Abrar ali
Abrar ali 7 hours ago
a sincere review
smoosh mellow
smoosh mellow 7 hours ago
Definitely black!
Fahad Javed
Fahad Javed 7 hours ago
Devwardhan Kothari
Devwardhan Kothari 7 hours ago
Every other tech youtuber (except arun):- *INTRO PLAYS* Dave:- *CLICK* AlRiGhT
RcloP97 7 hours ago
My favourite colour is green. Hope this would be useful, my father needs this card for 3d editing (solidworks) and the prices are extremely expensive. Thanks dave2d, respects for you
Unique Gurung
Unique Gurung 7 hours ago
Dave: The keyboards feel different. I might be going crazy. Phoebe: Maybe it's something you ate.
Meepmeep 8 hours ago
Green :)
Joshua Roly Mosada
Joshua Roly Mosada 8 hours ago
Ozzi 8 hours ago
I like Smaragdine (Fancy word for Emerald Green, and also it sounds like a LOTR city).
MRVL TECH 8 hours ago
ritesh pandya
ritesh pandya 8 hours ago
i thought model D wired on B ? i thought people are crazy for that mouse. people love it.
The_Golden_S 8 hours ago
Shut up and tell me fan noise for strix g
Antonio Martino
Antonio Martino 8 hours ago
Simple blue
Sylez Samuel
Sylez Samuel 8 hours ago
Cyan and Orange! :D
WazzaM 8 hours ago
AMD RX5700 is faster than RTX3060 so it's not that good. Why recommend it?
The One And Only Ace
Gautham Das K.M
Gautham Das K.M 9 hours ago
honestly the last year cards at the reduced price are way better value
Houssam Alucad
Houssam Alucad 9 hours ago
Mauro D
Mauro D 9 hours ago
black all the way
Varun Kumar
Varun Kumar 9 hours ago
Elvis Huỳnh
Elvis Huỳnh 9 hours ago
I'd like everything thag you give-away to ur fans.Big respect
Eduard Pertíñez
Eduard Pertíñez 9 hours ago
My 17z990 (two generations old) already had usb-c charging. The only thing is that you had to activate it.
Hari Narayanan
Hari Narayanan 9 hours ago
M d
M d 9 hours ago
Sea green
Efthymios Christodoulou
Green stonks
Thorin Deniz
Thorin Deniz 9 hours ago
Does anyone know which product dave use as a phone stand in this video?
moshe gelt
moshe gelt 9 hours ago
What's the build quality on these like?
Alvin John Ponce
Alvin John Ponce 10 hours ago
Blue.. 😁
Spoopy 10 hours ago
Always been a huge fan of navy blue, kind of similar to that new iPhone color. Keep up the great work dude!
Im Owerz
Im Owerz 10 hours ago
haven't seen your videos in a while. the intro? *claps with tongue* noice
Biagio Mattiuzzo
Biagio Mattiuzzo 10 hours ago
favorite color is green
Born Killer
Born Killer 10 hours ago
It's only 9000 $ Really man I don't even have 50 dollars
Hassan Shahzad
Hassan Shahzad 10 hours ago
I would love to have it in white!
ne No
ne No 10 hours ago
Wait if am right handed I should use usb port on right? Wtf I am broken, I always go around because cables mess my movement on mousepad 😂😂😂 Am broken i guess
Zacappa 10 hours ago
watching this on my HP Pavillon
Neutron Star
Neutron Star 10 hours ago
1:17 Didn't knew he watches kurzgesat
Amaninder Singh
Amaninder Singh 10 hours ago
This laptop is designed for tony stark.
Amaninder Singh
Amaninder Singh 10 hours ago
amd and nvidia in the same laptop? that's a surprise.
Niall Collins
Niall Collins 11 hours ago
Please include a trigger warning before showing Linus’ face. Nobody wants that.
Kazuki Minami
Kazuki Minami 11 hours ago
Sadik Azam
Sadik Azam 11 hours ago
how many time do u want to change the thumbnail and title DAVE2D: YES
mrsuri33 11 hours ago
still no webcam damn hard tu use as a work laptop for me unfortunately damn device looks realy nice but the camrea is a must for online meetings
Daniel Dube
Daniel Dube 11 hours ago
Favorite color is teal. Dave2D teal.
13. Derrick Lewis
13. Derrick Lewis 11 hours ago
Blue. Looking forward to winning the giveaway.
Salman Ahmed
Salman Ahmed 11 hours ago
Glenn Allen
Glenn Allen 11 hours ago
Tygaw 11 hours ago
I’ve actually come to love the color yellow over the past couple years. I’m not sure why but it’s my favorite by far now :)
Munsaka Hachalinga
Munsaka Hachalinga 11 hours ago
a green one would be awesome
ET G 11 hours ago
Green 💚. I don't have a build tho hahaha
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 11 hours ago
The envious hyena proportionally obey because kite additionaly name towards a muddled botany. materialistic, ceaseless peru
banuna 11 hours ago
my favorite color is Cascade green
sasuke uchiha
sasuke uchiha 12 hours ago
Yeah boi
Yeah boi 12 hours ago
We all know that logitech g102 is the best :)
Alexis Hernandez
Alexis Hernandez 12 hours ago