A Fresh Setup for the New Studio 

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Some new stuff coming down the pipe. Thanks for the incredible support!!!
Taeha Types - us-first.info/more/MHXMAeKkI6HXlPfLiYvo9g
Case - amzn.to/3bmZgS6
Cooler - amzn.to/3omZImR
White Caps - amzn.to/3s606Zd
RAM - amzn.to/39b75HL
CPU - amzn.to/39gxdAL
Vertical Mount - amzn.to/2L5Uj5q
GPU - amzn.to/3boMuSS
Display - amzn.to/3nvUDHr
MousePad - amzn.to/35kVYKY
Mouse - amzn.to/35lBYrV
Headphones - amzn.to/39crkVw

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Jan 8, 2021




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Comments 100   
Dave2D Month ago
that green table.. i like the color. i hate the green glow it puts on everything. what do you think?
wonderp Day ago
like it
Alex Tucker
Alex Tucker 3 days ago
Don't love it, I don't hate it either. I feel like you could do better though.
Umar Mehfooz Jalali
Gabrielle Tillmon
Gabrielle Tillmon 10 days ago
Maybe a lighter table with green accents?
Goodman 4525
Goodman 4525 22 days ago
I laughed so hard when you say you tried to stuff the 3090 in there when the 5950x and 3080 is already overdoing it lol
Rayshawn Lewis
Rayshawn Lewis 21 hour ago
i didn't know dave lives in Toronto woow
David Le
David Le 22 hours ago
Sorry Dave, I'm more of a matte black/red kinda guy than white/teal 😛
Jack London
Jack London 2 days ago
you are sitting on a 3090 because it runs a "little bit too hot" in your shitty case? nice
aman khaleel
aman khaleel 3 days ago
Dude run your 24 pin motherboard connector the cable cover it will look better and use cable combs 1:54
Jan Dudiňák
Jan Dudiňák 3 days ago
The mousepad won't be this white for long. I tell you that. 😆
Alan Williams
Alan Williams 5 days ago
I need to stop watching these videos... they make we want to consume!!! lol
Gabriel Gandi Goesantoso
His room looks so clean it almost looks like a zoom background
Zhilfa91 6 days ago
Hi Dave, I love this setup. It looks very clean and I am considering building it as well. In the parts list, I noticed that a few things are missing. What kind of mainboard would you suggest? One or two drives?
M Shoaib
M Shoaib 6 days ago
Hey you didn't mentioned which motherboard you are using?
Philipp L
Philipp L 7 days ago
Sadly he didn't say which hdd's he's running in his system, from my point of view as a prof. Adobe Premiere editor this would be very interesting. And secondly one more question: Why only 32GB RAM? I ran in my workstation 96GB RAM and I'm glad to have all of them, using Premiere and After Effects at the same time. But anyhow: The case is awesome, the built itself also, and I'm very jealous because his GPU, this is a beast of a GPU, hell yeah. Thx for the video Dave!
Daniel Szulc
Daniel Szulc 9 days ago
@Dave2D Is there still room for starting a tech review channel?
Victor QuyUy
Victor QuyUy 10 days ago
That green makes me feel really uncomfortable 😂
Gihan Gopallawa
Gihan Gopallawa 11 days ago
such a beautiful build, nice and clean like you always do! nice work ;)
Krishnendu Mukherjee
Why didn't he use the vertical mount area on his case and buy a different kit?
Marksman 13 days ago
something is different about his setup......Yes, it's the messy hair.
Bryan 14 days ago
After diving further and further into the keyboard world, Dave, your keyboard sounds AMAZING! I'm going to try to replicate that sound at a slightly cheaper price point than buying a $500-$600 keyboard case XD
MrGilRoland 18 days ago
I can’t tell if this dude is 20 or 40.
Daniel Kolawole
Daniel Kolawole 21 day ago
I have to say, I've not yet seen anyone that has similar aesthetic preference to me as much as this dude right here.
reidspencer 21 day ago
i agree with the founder edition. i have it and it peaks to 82-87 c and i have the same case too, thinking of switching to lian li case for more air flow
Safa BLM
Safa BLM 21 day ago
What about the motherboard? You didn't mention anything about it
MovementFAV 21 day ago
Which mother board is this?? Anyone?
skizzarz 22 days ago
6:01 ultra*wide screen
MovementFAV 22 days ago
Hey Dave! Are you from T.O.? Thought i saw cn tower. Nice condo right at the heart of the city
Jonathan Allbritten
What's wrong with having both :)
Jay 22 days ago
dave, you are very close to your monitor
44 old sub5
44 old sub5 22 days ago
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Robert P
Robert P 23 days ago
Of course the 3090 runs hot you have it pressed against a tempered glass panel.
alex1 23 days ago
Green desk is less of a problem than that saturation slider you cranked to the right... Either that or the spray tan went poorly...
Arka Sarkar
Arka Sarkar 24 days ago
Man, listening to his voice is making me sleepy
Ashraful Islam Shimul
Yeah yeah. Put some lighting behind.
Souhardya Pal
Souhardya Pal 24 days ago
Did he sit😱😱?
Amir Arsalon Joneidi
how do you afford all of your tech? you have great picks.
irteza masud
irteza masud 24 days ago
white is elegant
Emman Quismundo
Emman Quismundo 24 days ago
This is the most Dave2D I've ever seen.
Ado D
Ado D 25 days ago
Doesn't the elite case have a vertical mount already, just wondering.
MK0825 25 days ago
Dave: ray tracing should not be the deciding fa- NVIDIA: GET 'EM
Nick M
Nick M 26 days ago
Table is nice
Growlord GT
Growlord GT 26 days ago
'Raytracing should not be a deciding feature' it is for me, I love raytracing, even though it is not supported in many games, the amount of games it is supported in is growing
Sndyy死 26 days ago
Luis Simões
Luis Simões 26 days ago
I liked the setup, but it is more geared towards games. what would you suggest for a setup for cad applications? Autocad, revit, 3ds max, etc.
James Belcourt
James Belcourt 26 days ago
Jesus Holy Christ that is the cleanest flat I've ever seen.
Myles Telemaque
Myles Telemaque 26 days ago
The adhesive sauce hepatosplenomegaly tame because bat parallely race times a awake grade. lush, uttermost deborah
Blue-Squirrel-12 27 days ago
i have a ryzen 5 5600x and a 3060ti, im currently using a 1080p 144hz monitor from msi but i really want a 144hz 1440p monitor but they are very expensive, ive found an ASUS TUF one that is 165hz with g-sync and its one of the cheapest ive found at £440. any lower than this and im at 120hz monitors or VA panels.
Azzan Qais AL-Kindy
So you create the thumbnail before the actual video.. interesting..
loop 27 days ago
Great video Dave! As a fellow Asian, it's so great to see another big Asian US-firstr. I didn't know you had your keeb built my Taeha, that's awesome. I also started a mechanical keyboard artisan company -- how could we send you some stuff to check out?
TheLuster 28 days ago
Second I heard Taeha Types...I felt a warmth in my being :)
Anooj John Francis
Anooj John Francis 28 days ago
Yes.AMD is awesome. I also love them. ❤️❤️
Deetsitmeister 28 days ago
Dave really does put the colour white over other more important factors doesn't he? 😂
VZRVEL 28 days ago
mounting the vision oc vertically really hurts me... it's backplate is the most beautiful thing on the card
Razia Faizy
Razia Faizy 28 days ago
Instead of being a Tech reviewer you can make a paint and home make over channel LOL😂🤣
Made Deva
Made Deva 28 days ago
Can we just appreciate how neat those cabbles are?
saminsaad594 28 days ago
What's with you and the color white
Dr Peter jones
Dr Peter jones 28 days ago
OK here is your challenge for 2021.... Design an alumium minimalist case in an ATX factor which a home workstation builder would use not a gamer. Your design asthetic should produce some good results...after all we all like the dune case which secured crowd funding. ?
damien adiós
damien adiós 29 days ago
my dream build ToT
Justin Ross
Justin Ross 29 days ago
Starts with "Alright!", ends with "Okay". Now I can sleep~
Flippin Tomato
Flippin Tomato 29 days ago
Dave Lee (Team White / Cyan) vs Marques Keith Brownlee(Team Matte Black) Which one are you?
Ian Lyne
Ian Lyne 29 days ago
How tall are you dave?
Christian Hogue
Christian Hogue 29 days ago
You should sell thse to order
Christian Hogue
Christian Hogue 29 days ago
Good to see e a tech guy with good aesthetic taste
Christian Hogue
Christian Hogue 29 days ago
Anson Liu
Anson Liu 29 days ago
dave give me ur mini pc XD
Prlz3 Month ago
Lets be real Dave, you chose 3080 just because it looks cleaner and white :D
L :re
L :re Month ago
The mousepad is the Razor Pro Glide.... yeet
ImARaptor Month ago
I think he swapped the AIO to the CPU Cooler because there isn't really anywhere to put the radiator with that giant GPU.
Im Tortoro
Im Tortoro Month ago
Imagine having a rtx 3090 but replacing it with a 3080
Martin Craig
Martin Craig Month ago
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Martin Craig
Martin Craig Month ago
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Raghav Yaduvanshi
He should use Sony's wx series or apple's air pod
TRD-312 Month ago
Also bought this exact case because i'm a sucker for the design. Got to say I love it (': A charm to build on it.
Matty M
Matty M Month ago
takes me back to my days building AMD Athlon based systems
Ahmad Syed
Ahmad Syed Month ago
He Lives in Toronto and has a condo that's like more expensive then everything Dave2D has reviewed
Bunheng Tong
Bunheng Tong Month ago
Reminds me of Valorant’s I-On series
l'esguil Month ago
You gotta admit all this has that bauhaus-sterile-psychopathic-IKEA-Gaylord kind of look. Everything neurotically matching... screaming of the purposelessness of such a meaningless and aseptic life experience. I celebrate that someone has succefully achieved and maximized that "i'm already dead" lifestyle. hopefully it matches too with a consequent anus whitening. Not hating here, just celebrating the achievement of trascendence through idealized consumption of aesthetically pleasing items. Here is a guy that has reached the ceiling. Godlessbless capitalism and the commonwealth !!
NERO Month ago
it is MASSIVE on ADOBE. Amd gpu's will give you issues
lowercvse Month ago
1:33 Very good ADR.
Scott Month ago
what mouse did you decide on?
Albert Bratek
Albert Bratek Month ago
keyboard > view
Z-Green Gaming
Z-Green Gaming Month ago
I wish to have this PC lol :-) looks awesome!
Zephyrus Month ago
Heya, err- I need help buying a gaming pc! Note: I want this pc to play split screen with my dad (Over the same pc) and finding a pre built with 2 hdmi is quite hard; so I'm thinking about a custom pc build. Experience wise I have none so this will be quite the adventure - tho my dad used to dwell in pc building "Back when I was 13...", So I've started battling between the two options and am utterly lost!!! ...Any thoughts?!
Aryan Goud
Aryan Goud Month ago
Mannnnnn checkout the Nvidea sharpening filter. It changes the game! It gets rid of the blur and makes it look even better than 1080p on a 1080p screen. Dk why it's not talked about much! am talking for 1440p monitor screens that are coming out for laptops!
Jean Walusinski
Jean Walusinski Month ago
Who did you pay to get THREE video cards! THREE! I cant find even find one and I am in Canada.
Mads Nielsen
Mads Nielsen Month ago
please make a video on the keyboard
bredStyK Month ago
What keyboard pls?
Blank O_O
Blank O_O Month ago
Вячеслав Лис
ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero
Abimanyu Nurprasetyo Suryo Baskoro
He don't use the AMD and 3090 GPU because of the reason he tell us probably... It's not white enough i guess
Rien Es
Rien Es Month ago
When can we expect a review of the custom keyboard? 💯
Chen Liu
Chen Liu Month ago
The holistic architecture basally spoil because drive globally scrub until a pumped sponge. bright, cuddly burn
Paul-Sebastian Manole
Vertical mounting a GPU adds a few degrees celsius.
Hanson Bassey
Hanson Bassey Month ago
Hey Dave, this is a very sick and clean setup. Can I pls have one of your old PCs? I really really a PC for my 3D modeling and rendering.
Sibusiso Bikitsha
This setup costs R93,000.00 in South Africa..... DAMN
Arun Kanjoor
Arun Kanjoor Month ago
he looks old
MustangNP Month ago
condo means ass in my native language haha LOL
Wonne Koh
Wonne Koh Month ago
SliWillY Month ago
You got 75 max temperature ! I got 95cْ on my laptop
Adel Sherif Hamada
U look So taller than I thought, dude
Denis Viskov
Denis Viskov Month ago
4:39 you can run over watch in ultra wide mode! All you have to do is change aspect ratio in setting to 21:9 and it will work!
Shantanu Month ago
Yes guys, he actually sat.
Ming Zhu
Ming Zhu Month ago
Bank of Montreal? Toronto?
Joselito Jimenez
motherboard in this build?
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