My iPhone 12 Pro Max Review! 

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My review of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The king of Apple's iphone lineup for 2020
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Nov 9, 2020




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Anna-Sophie Blümchen-Knöpfchen
I Phone 12 Pro Max VS One plus 9 Pro? what is the best cam? and the best cam with case for underwater with GDome Mobile Case Tested this so verry Nice Quality Tested
Chinglem Nongmeikapam
No your hands r tiny #NATHERLAND,,,
Ernest Porter
Ernest Porter 8 days ago
dave are you back on the iphone
hendrik hendrik
hendrik hendrik 9 days ago
1.15 did you say 6.1 inch dave?
Ms. Wright
Ms. Wright 10 days ago
Good video.
Lovely Mae Laudato
Lovely Mae Laudato 10 days ago
🙏🙏🙏 like it
Brian Babulic
Brian Babulic 12 days ago
What phone do you use?
mhs vz
mhs vz 13 days ago
Thank you for another excellent video!
GichiBoi 17 days ago
I don't care about the camera flare at 4:44! The kid is so adorable.... :)
dixie normous
dixie normous 21 day ago
IPhone max is a wide boi
Ujjawal Pabreja
Ujjawal Pabreja 22 days ago
Hi Dave, I've been following your content for a long time. I even bought my MacBook Pro 2020 after watching your videos. I was looking to upgrade to iPhone 12 Pro (my first ever iPhone). Since we are kind of in the middle of the iPhone year, I wanted to know whether I should wait for the much anticipated iPhone 13 or go ahead with iPhone 12 right now? My use case is generic social media, basic office work, decent photography and good screen quality. Hoping to get your input on this! Thanks for making such useful content for us!
ponce 23 days ago
in normal conditions not dark that is 99% os my shots i dont see any diffference between pro max and the others 12 versions......thats too bad not worth paying much more
Jasjeet Singh
Jasjeet Singh 25 days ago
I’ve been using it for past 15 days and I think it would be the most complete flagship of 2020 if it had 120hz.
Web Design
Web Design 27 days ago
Last decades screen look with that huge cut out, ugly camera module look/design, uncomfortable edges, but very good camera sensor and good sound.
EyeKenSee Month ago
Can it play Genshin Impact with overheating ?
Alaab Games
Alaab Games Month ago
Me:have an a iphone 6s and need a iphone 12 pro
Fares Elzayat
Fares Elzayat Month ago
6.7 inch
Angry Bird
Angry Bird Month ago
Over 100,000 dead, next year is not promised, now is so get the phone of your dream now cos tomorrow you’re dead
Christopher Briche
Gold !
syaza salmi
syaza salmi Month ago
Yassss exactly my thought can we like have like a custom made phone like i want small phone but w the best cameraaaaaaaa yaaaaasss till next yearrrr
Encounter33 Month ago
Literally does all the same things my old phones used to do except the 5G makes it somewhat faster, the camera is better, and it is a little bit bigger. After having it 2 weeks now I find it no more special than my first Moto Droid except the camera is more functional.
Ippe Phil
Ippe Phil Month ago
It’s the flagship for now
2BeLikeChrist Month ago
Best reviewer on the Tube
K Montalbo
K Montalbo Month ago
no one talks about the camera glare
Bearded Bro
Bearded Bro Month ago
Title rename- Iphone x with flat edges and new camera system xxl. Same phone over and over again for 1k. blows my mind people still buy
Daniel Figueroa
Daniel Figueroa Month ago
why would they downsize on battery size from the 11 pro max. it makes little sense to me.
Georges G
Georges G Month ago
Ernest Porter
Ernest Porter Month ago
not on android anymore?
Abdul Khaliq
Abdul Khaliq Month ago
True! Gold was never gold in mobile phones... but this time ipmax did it. Yo
Zeeshan Ahmad
Zeeshan Ahmad Month ago
Okay 😂
Nima N
Nima N Month ago
What is the game called please? (at 1:17 minutes)
Isaac Merriman
Isaac Merriman Month ago
Love my 12 pro max so much! Great phone
Hunter C. Wood
Hunter C. Wood Month ago
Do you have a link to that wallpaper? I have the same phone color and that wallpaper matches so well
maxroman2010 Month ago
Lol 😄 why the hell you you be confused that the comparison that they make of cameras is the 12 pro vs 11 pro???
Arnav Bharadwaj
Arnav Bharadwaj 2 months ago
Rather call it Prometheus than pro max
Dan Cook
Dan Cook 2 months ago
We bought 2 iPhone 12 Pro Max and they both have awful antenna receptions and to return them and go back to my iPhone 11 Pro Max way better for rural areas
Alkyonne 2 months ago
2:09 *POP*
HERO• RAY 2 months ago
It is phone my favorite:)
Qazi Raheel
Qazi Raheel 2 months ago
Just ordered 12 pro max 256gb silver.
D M 2 months ago
Give the raccoon some food.
Calabi-Yau Manifold
Calabi-Yau Manifold 2 months ago
You forgot the massive advantage with battery on the pro max
Ardunistic 2 months ago
us-first.info/player/video/j96CnJF1iId_hYk.html 🙄🙄
Is Sy
Is Sy 24 days ago
Saleh Ghafri
Saleh Ghafri 2 months ago
Bro, you are the best
Clarinet covers Lover
Too big 12 works great
Mockedarche 2 months ago
Dave finds a raccoon in a trash can and is like the only person to decide to test a camera at that time lol
Reasonable Doubt 821
I want the IPhone Pro MAX 256gb I'm watching this on a Samsung S8 by the way
Vitalie Verejan
Vitalie Verejan 2 months ago
Would like a review of the LiDAR tech in the camera
fidel2xl 2 months ago
It's strange times we live in when almost ALL new iPhone reviews mostly focus on the phone's camera but spend almost no time or none whatsoever discussing any improvements to the phone's ability to make reliable good quality phone calls. The reviews should just be titled --- 'Camera Review of the iPhone 12 Pro Max'.
NM 2 months ago
I wanted a smaller phone from my current Samsung S20 Ultra and I liked the size and shape of the iphone 12pro so I went out and bought it. Regrettably, I too now have buyer's remorse and am soooo disappointed in this phone for its screen quality and the fact that iphone does not play well with Gmail when you download the Gmail app and want to use that as my primary email client. Although the S20 Ultra is too large for me, the build quality is excellent and the screen is drop dead gorgeous too. Apple cannot hold a candle to the display of the S20 Ultra. Did I say was extremely disappointed in my purchase!!! Never again Apple!!!!!!!
Jordan Dang
Jordan Dang 2 months ago
Cheers from the 6ix
Ok Do
Ok Do 2 months ago
1:17 Can someone tell me the name of the game please?
john devlin
john devlin 2 months ago
6.1 inches ?? Lol 6.7
Max G
Max G 2 months ago
Really happy for my 700 AAPL shares. Will keep my iPhone 6 Plus.
Md. Mohetuzzaman Khan
Dave, you really don't like iPhone, do you?
Abel Jacob
Abel Jacob 2 months ago
Can you do a review on the Samsung Galaxy M51 and compare it with the Samsung Galaxy A71...?
Abel Jacob
Abel Jacob 2 months ago
@Tech UniverseTV correct.
Gurpreet Sehgal
Gurpreet Sehgal 2 months ago
Costed me nearly 2100 ₹ for iphone 12 pro max ... yeah it is expensive in india 😂
Costmer 5
Costmer 5 2 months ago
Do you have a review for the iPhone 11?
Gavin Mendonza
Gavin Mendonza 3 months ago
They got yo ass in 4k ..... Racoon friends to racoon
Master Yoda
Master Yoda 3 months ago
1:57 what The dark site last longer than the light site my whole life has been a lie.
Jay Catterson
Jay Catterson 3 months ago
Just went with the regular 12 from the X. Couldn't justify the price difference for the "Pro" features of the regular 12 Pro, and the Pro Max was just too big for me. (Plus I really like the vibrant deep blue colour of the 12 vs the muted pacific blue of the 12 Pro). The image quality on the regular 12 is PHENOMENAL. But if the improved camera system plus high refresh rate screen makes it into the Pro next year (or the year after), I'll jump on that.
Daniel Velazquez
Daniel Velazquez 3 months ago
Should I upgrade from the iPhone 6s Plus?
ktbeatty 3 months ago
Watch a teardown on iFixit, or read up on the camera system on the Halide blog. There was no way, no how, that the camera system in the Pro Max was fitting inside the 12 Pro. It's a big beast of a system. If you just look at the two phones side by side, you can see how much physically larger the lenses are and how much further they protrude from the phone (yes, an even bigger bump). It wasn't yields, it was physics. We are disinclined to believe what companies tell us, but Apple meant exactly what they said. The much larger form factor of the Pro Max gave them a chance to do something with the cameras they couldn't do in the smaller phones. It's a simple as that.
JDS 344
JDS 344 3 months ago
Watching this and i have an iphone 5s 😫🤦🏻‍♂️
Felix 3 months ago
All the tech companies are focusing so much on their cameras in their new phones. I don't even use the camera that often or pay that much attention to it. Would love to see more innovation in other parts.
Yash Khona
Yash Khona 3 months ago
Who else always sees his vid in 1.25 Speed
Poli Gonzo
Poli Gonzo 3 months ago
Buaaahahahahahahahahahahaahaha apple keep doing the same shiet, over and over again, and stayed in 60hz, not only that they owed the screens to Samsung, and people still like that stupid phone, is expensive, cannot install apps like mobdro, cinema HD, and other super cool apps for music and movies, iPhone, takes 1000 dollars out of your pocket and then stick it hard to people by selling them movies and music that I can get for free in an android, please, stop, they have to stop, I don't know 🙄
Alexander Ardenski
Alexander Ardenski 3 months ago
Guys, if you are wondering which to buy, take my advise and buy the 12 pro max. It is better in every way for a minimal price increase. I ordered the 12 pro but nor the screen or the battery were sufficient for my needs. I returned it and got the Pro max and I can tell you the difference is HUGE! the Pro max is perfect!
Hassan El Agaty
Hassan El Agaty 3 months ago
1:15 did he just call the Max a 6.1 inch phone
Jasmine Head
Jasmine Head 3 months ago
The iPhone 12 Pro is 6.1 display NOT the iPhone 12 Pro Max🤭
Eric Highsmith
Eric Highsmith 3 months ago
I have an iPhone 7 currently, upgrading to the 12 Pro Max because of the larger screen and the better camera (also the sound, but the other two more). And I don't think the size will matter too much, I went to a Verizon store and was able to hold one in my hands, it's big yup. But I don't text that much. But I do watch a lot of US-first videos on my iPhone 7. I think the inconveniences of having a much larger screen in respect to difficulty reaching across the phone or being able to text with one hand is secondary to the pro's that I will get when it comes to viewing media content on the larger screen (and better/louder speaker). Also, my iPhone 7 batter sucks! can't make it through half a day without it dying on me after a full charge (I know, I can go to a cell phone repair center and get a new battery installed or at least that has been recommended to me by a few people). I think this larger battery will be amazing for me!
aAA AAA 3 months ago
great stuff.
qianqianqian 3 months ago
up for the cut baby
Charles Apostol
Charles Apostol 3 months ago
note 20 ultra or 12 pro max
Marco Di Mario
Marco Di Mario 3 months ago
For anyone's listening here :) If your are luckily within the 14 days window, GO FOR AN IMMEDIATE RETURN/REFUND of this useless and BROKEN 12 Pro Max line-up!!! Just today I HAPPILY returned mine :) Lots of crazy, absurd, inacceptable camera issues!!! And I've investigated it for many days before returning. Thousands of people are getting tons of troubles with theirs 12 Pro Max. And just in the camera department! This is a very bad situation. Issues are (in no particular order): 1) HUGE problem when shooting clear blue sky. TERRIBLE color blending!!! Inacceptable. 2) HUGE focusing issues in low light (maybe due to some conflict with the almost useless LIDAR) 3) Much increased MINIMUM FOCUS DISTANCE. Below 10/11 cm is impossible to get things in focus!!! Apple...are you serious? 4) HUGE, MIGHTY, issues with "fake" flare and light stains!!! 5) SCREEN FLICKERING in some situation and when watching photos and/or videos And I've double checked all these things. Thousands of customers are getting the same exact issues with theirs units. Apple has already acknowledged some of these issues and unofficially they say that a next iOS update COULD fix them. But nothing for sure. It's absurd that a phone over 1400 Euros has this terrible camera hardware/software.
Mahdee 3 months ago
im only getting the max because its bigger. Literally no other reason lol
Asiman Saidzadeh
Asiman Saidzadeh 3 months ago
I'm here for the baby. He's so cute 😍😍😍
Mr. J
Mr. J 3 months ago
great video love the format.
Kira B is Me!
Kira B is Me! 3 months ago
Great Video! I also did an unboxing when I received mine, so excited 😆 I got the pro max in blue
Lasik Cee
Lasik Cee 3 months ago
When you are over 50's, you really need this big phone.
Chetna Sharma
Chetna Sharma 3 months ago
Iphone 12 pro combined with iphone 12 pro max camera would be a huge hit. Sadly Apple didn’t think this through.
Prasad sutar
Prasad sutar 3 months ago
I would have buy iphone 12 pro max if it wasn't priced at 1754 dollars that's my 3 months salary in my country
Angela Samuel
Angela Samuel 3 months ago
Wow I never knew this was going to be true, until I contacted IIFRANK230 on Instagram and I was given a brand new iPhone 12 pro max, I can't believe it
Lacey Ann
Lacey Ann 3 months ago
I have this phone and I love it. I upgraded from the 11 pro max and the colour is definitely better it’s not so much a rose gold.
33gate1 3 months ago
ROL BROWN 3 months ago
Watching on my 12 PRO MAX
Henriko Magnifico
Henriko Magnifico 3 months ago
*Hot take: 2020 is the year when new phones are finally so good that you won't see massive improvements between phones every year anymore.* I feel like with the OP 7 Pro, iPhone 12, Samsung S20 and various others- there is very little a new phone could offer to make me want to upgrade to it from my current model. *Like, what are they gonna do?* Make the bezels smaller? Already at the edges. Improve the camera? It's already awesome and competes with high end DSLRs. Better batterylife? Already great and charger super fast. Better screen? Already looks so good that even if the pixel density is increased I won't notice it. Performance? Already so fast it won't matter for years to come until software catches up. Build quality? Maybe, but probably not. Durability? This might be the final frontier. But it's also really good now. Like at this point I see practically no reason to upgrade for years. And I'm a geek! Regular people will probably care even less.
Victor 3 months ago
Oh how I miss Toronto from watching this video!
Rahul Rao
Rahul Rao 3 months ago
*Give me😇*
Angela Samuel
Angela Samuel 3 months ago
Wow I never knew this was going to be true, until I contacted IIFRANK230 on Instagram and I was given a brand new iPhone 12 pro max, I can't believe it
pcier makaveli
pcier makaveli 3 months ago
new flagship killer is oneplus 7t its 299$ and its got a sd855+ !!!! crazy..
Disent Design
Disent Design 3 months ago
the phone you buy to prove to people that you are the man and that in fact you dont have a tiny pee pee...what a joke of a phone, what kind of fundamentally broken person needs this status symbol?
Brian Thomson
Brian Thomson 3 months ago
This is not really a review of the phone just about the camera
SupergirlOnFire6 3 months ago
What game is that that Dave is playing!?
Aieshah Davenport
Aieshah Davenport 3 months ago
I thought this year battery 🔋 was smaller not bigger⁉️
@Dave Lee , if you can see this can you help pass this along to consumers, thanks! There is proof that displaymate is cheating customers and not aligning with fair play competeitive laws in doing so. Proof is they lied in the actual review for iPhone 12 Pro Max: 1) Highest absolute colour accuracy was already awarded to Note 20 Ultra (0.5 JNCD) which is better than 0.9 JNCD for iPhone 12 Pro Max (lower is better, means lower error in colours displayed). 2) Highest Full Screen Brightness for OLED smartphones was already awarded to Note 20 Ultra. iPhone 12 Pro Max got 825nits for 100% apl where Note 20 got 1037 nits for 100% apl (higher is better, means higher brightness). 3) Lowest screen reflectance, again Note 20 had 4.4% screen reflectance and iPhone 12 Pro Max has 4.8% (again lower is better as it means less screen reflectance). 4) Smallest variation for viewing angles already belongs to Oneplus 8T (22% at 30 degrees) where iPhone 12 Pro Max got (27% at 30 degrees). Here again lower is better, as it means colours shift less at an angle. 5) Highest visible screen resolution was actually awarded to Note 20 Ultra 3K (3088 *1440) which is a higher resolution than the iPhone 12 Pro Max (2788*1284, which is even less than the industry standard of 1440p). Higher is better as it means more pixels and higher resolution. 6) Highest contrast ratio is not infinite, it is 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio (stated above in this article). All OLED is given 'infinite' contrast ratio, again this was already awarded to the Note 20 Ultra so cannot be given to iPhone 12 Pro Max as they did not break any record. 7) Highest full screen contrast rating in ambient light already belongs to Note 20 Ultra (236 for 100% apl), even Oneplus 8T got 184 for 100% apl. The iPhone 12 Pro Max got the lowest 172 at 100% apl. (Higher is better, as stated on displaymate's own website). If they were going to make stuff up they should have done a better job. You can see for yourself everything I stated is true by visiting displaymate and looking at rating for these phones. I'll even help you with the links below: iPhone 12 Pro Max: www.displaymate.com/iPhone_12Pro_ShootOut_1P.htm#Display_Records Oneplus 8T: www.displaymate.com/OnePlus_8T_ShootOut_1T.htm#Display_Records Note 20 Ultra: www.displaymate.com/Galaxy_Note20_ShootOut_1N.htm#Display_Records
Kryptic_ Dragon
Kryptic_ Dragon 3 months ago
Yessir only 6.1 inches Edit: not original but your kid is cute
Pascal Barreiro
Pascal Barreiro 3 months ago
As I like shooting with a real standard focal lens (for many reasons), I must say I am a little disappointed by Apple choice on the 12 Pro max. I hope next gen will have a real 45 / 50 mm equiv. "standard" lens + a 75 / 85 "real" portrait one. Sorry Apple, but a 52 mm should not be considered as a "telephoto" lens. Last but not least, f2 on the 52 mm 12 Pro is also better than f2.2 on the 65 mm in terms of light. PD. I exclusively shoot in DNG with Lightroom Mobile on an Xs and I am curious to compare Adobe raw files with Apple ProRaw
Albin Amat
Albin Amat 3 months ago
What’s the name of the game in 1:24 ??
henry miles
henry miles 3 months ago
At 4:31 are you taking that video from behind the glass bec if you look in the sky you will see a ring of lights next to the tower on the left hand side not sure if you caught a phenomena in the sky or light reflections . Lol
Sim0es 3 months ago
3:47 Italian chestnuts??? what? Portuguese!!! from Portugal.
Sim0es 3 months ago
iPhone 12 (Pro) Review