RTX 3070 Review - Worth the $500? 

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My review of the $500 Nvidia RTX 3070 with gaming benchmarks
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Oct 27, 2020




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Comments 100   
Dave2D 4 months ago
This is 100% the card I would buy today for a GPU upgrade
Sebastian Nin
Sebastian Nin 28 days ago
It's not $500 today, it costs 2 lungs.
I killed that beard guy
What if prices are 784 $ ?
IMB boy
IMB boy 2 months ago
If you can find it in the first place
SgtShiny 2 months ago
too bad it's sold out sadge
Tristan Wolf Gustavsen
thanks now i dont have to watch this shitty vid
Vynzography 6 hours ago
March 2021: Worth $1000?
BG Dave
BG Dave Day ago
He keeps saying 8gb of Vram isn't a lot. Me on my 4gb 1650 be vibin'. (Edit) 5 seconds later, I have a 3070fe and a 1650, so yah.
Marcin Kobos
Marcin Kobos 3 days ago
The same results as last rtx 2080 ti and you say its a good deal? Why???? And for 500 ? Loool
Pelays 3 days ago
Title: RTX 3070 worth the $500 People with the RTX 2080 ti: I basically bought a 3070 for $1200
Zaneth Zarareth
Zaneth Zarareth 4 days ago
2:16 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
orc malavi
orc malavi 4 days ago
I agree. This card is worth if for $500. BUT NOT for the price I bought mine. I paid over a thousand for it.
Vincent Snoeren
Vincent Snoeren 6 days ago
yeah... so i just bought a gigabyte gaming oc 3070 here in europe directly from a store so this cost me $1210,34. $500 my ass...
Unkempt 8 days ago
It’s $700 in our country
Raghuvir Das
Raghuvir Das 8 days ago
isn't rtx 3060ti also launched
Kyler Clarke
Kyler Clarke 9 days ago
Has anyone actually gotten one of these for $500? Was too good to be true.
brennen lesh
brennen lesh 10 days ago
Not anymore now that 3060 ti is out!
we can thank the scalpers and cryptocurrency miners for making these cards hard to get.
SnukkieBoy 11 days ago
New title: *Worth the 1000$?*
jayce anglin
jayce anglin 12 days ago
Ummm 500 would be fantastic now
Soren Felix
Soren Felix 13 days ago
When he said cyberpunk, I noticed this was an old video
Soren Felix
Soren Felix 13 days ago
I think he made a typo, it's " RTX 3070 Review - Worth the $1,200? "
Ax Cn
Ax Cn 14 days ago
Now is 1200 EUR in Europe
Maax1200 14 days ago
RTX 3070 called, it wants its 500$ prize tag back.
Alexander 15 days ago
Yeah, in today's reality: Is it worth the 1500?
The FineTech
The FineTech 16 days ago
That card currently costs 910€ ($1150) in Germany... You are making me SAD AF!
Benicio Haro
Benicio Haro 17 days ago
they said 500....was 1,150!!
Lucy 18 days ago
Worth the $500? well i paid almost exactly $1000 for it T_T
Andrew Furman
Andrew Furman 18 days ago
Narrator: they did not
Edward Mortimer
Edward Mortimer 19 days ago
Definitely worth it, since it's more powerful than the 2080 ti WHICH ID 1200 QUID
Skeerik_ 20 days ago
New video be like: RTX 3070 Review - Worth the $900?
Michael Carroll
Michael Carroll 20 days ago
This thing isn't 500$.. try double that now
Your New Stepbro
Your New Stepbro 21 day ago
That looks like a great deal...
AdamMattz 23 days ago
Unoptimised shooters! LOL thats what PC is about . 2020 worst year in PC Game History.
The Sky Walker
The Sky Walker 25 days ago
LMAO 3060ti is sold at $600 and all sold out , 3070 at $500 ?
SeanDahLee 25 days ago
My type of review, quick, short, straight to the point, and not trying to be funny. Great review👍
mcnuget 28 days ago
worth 700$ ?
Kaden Taylor
Kaden Taylor 29 days ago
More like worth the $800?
Tom Davies
Tom Davies 29 days ago
$500?? *Cries in paying $838*
Arya_ 29 days ago
me : buying 3070 for almost 1000$ and i am happy this dude : is rtx 3070 worth 500$
D3GAL3[DE] Month ago
RTX 3070 - Worth the $1,000?
Cybercery Month ago
I literally have 32mb vram
Amine Mor
Amine Mor Month ago
*You mean 999$*
Alexander Büchler
500$... ok.
lolseagull Month ago
Worth $500? Do you mean $1700? Since the scalpers think over $1000+ is a good price point for these "BUDGET" GPU's
lelkr Month ago
me with my 2060:
autorobber2290 Month ago
500? more like 1,100
Oliver Mirfin
Oliver Mirfin Month ago
worth $500: yes worth:$800: NO!! i hate scalpers
Conor O'Flanagan
Conor O'Flanagan 26 days ago
@unsuspicious chair ye cause the scalpers keep scalping it.
unsuspicious chair
It's £465 on the nividia website but out of stock 😢
James Howlett
James Howlett Month ago
Why people still bitching about 8gigs being too little!? oh yeah, rich people always bitch about rich people problems.
Tuan Nam Vuong
Tuan Nam Vuong Month ago
500$? Try 700$ if you're lucky and not getting scalped.
Hanay Month ago
500$? you mean 5000$ right 😭
Andrei Gaspar
Andrei Gaspar Month ago
Worth 700 pounds? Fuck nvidia
Cootz51 Month ago
Resizable bar update should push the 3070 slightly above the 2080ti performance.
Ethan C
Ethan C Month ago
I paid 650 for the gigabyte vision 3070...
Shahad ElSamkery
Is this card suitable for architectural software?
Carlos Hernandez
If you could find it for $500 it’d make sense LOL
Rusu Mihai
Rusu Mihai Month ago
great vid thank you
Rusu Mihai
Rusu Mihai Month ago
please do not tel us your taste in appearance anymore cause its wrong
natnut2008 Month ago
From Jan 2021 perspective,$500 now seems like a good deal....
RadDad65 5 days ago
They're selling for $1400+ on eBay now.
TheBeezlie12 16 days ago
@Phong Nguyen I got one from Best Buy for $500
Phong Nguyen
Phong Nguyen 17 days ago
@Krepaa 899 for a 3070 ??? Whatttt ? Too expensive bro . Mediamarkt selling it for under 800 , but you have to wait . Or buy it from scaplers in ebay-kleinanzeigen , they often selling it for like 750-800.
Krepaa 18 days ago
@Frenky Gnaka I got it for 899 eur, alternate.de has some in stock, go get one before they sell out
Frenky Gnaka
Frenky Gnaka 21 day ago
Now is 1200 Euros ... and impossible to find
Isho GT
Isho GT Month ago
500$... Hahaha-hahahaha-hahaha.
K Tipnis
K Tipnis Month ago
Absolutely don’t buy this card mine cake faulty
I’m a white Dog
And then use Canadians have to pay an extra $150 to $250 for the 2060
Bradley Roberts
Bradley Roberts Month ago
Me on my 7 year old xbox one
Monk Month ago
but is it worth $1000?
Rusty Shackleford
$500 ROTFL tell me where and I'll kiss your ass.
Mikel Munoz
Mikel Munoz Month ago
Would be nice if they weren't all sold out and being resold for almost 1k....
Chris Howard
Chris Howard Month ago
8Gb of VRAM is pretty much fine, as most of the time in games it requests the VRAM but doesn't actually use it.
Андрій Ігнатьєв
In my country from official stores this shit cost 1000$ thx miners
Aborakan aAborakan
Would a ryzen 5 2600 bottleneck rtx 3070 ?
Blox Thief
Blox Thief Month ago
He really just said that when cyber punk comes out 8g would run it fine...
DazzleGazza Month ago
Linus u sneaky bastard stop being a geek
Crasisn Walnut Productions
cool review... but why the review when NO one can get them!!
Riplikatln Loki
Riplikatln Loki Month ago
the 3080 is the best, for $200 more you get almost double the power of the 2080 super
Mr11ESSE111 Month ago
Peoples dont believe to this big channels they are bullshiters which talks fairy tales because they are payed for that!!this guy talks about 500$ card and there is no store on planet which sold it for that price or if it is i ask for link but few months later nobody dont give me any link
Mr11ESSE111 Month ago
show me some store on planet which sell it for 500$?? give me link of it
I killed that beard guy
In my country they are expensive like hell Even 2060 super is priced at $544 They were like $416 before corona 😑
Rasmus Willi
Rasmus Willi Month ago
Petition for title adjustment: RTX 3070 Review - Worth the $700?
Wojciech Stołtny
Bruh in my country like 800$
If I’m buying a 30 series card, I want 4K at minimum a solid 30 with RT on at high deets. If a card can provide me that. I’m happy for the next 4 years
RyanExx Month ago
“When Cyberpunk comes out it’s gonna need like 16 gigs of memory” That aged well
Vlad The Impaler
Vlad The Impaler 18 days ago
@Psykonaut no he said vram
Psykonaut Month ago
Ayman Jamal
Ayman Jamal Month ago
When will these be available for laptops though?
MrBazsi888 Month ago
coil noise?
JSK Fit Month ago
Is it good if I upgrade from a GTX 1080 to RTX 3070?
MantesDeluxe Month ago
hell yeah
Will Month ago
A rare sight of a graphicscard nowadays. Thought they gone extinct.
rsaw1229 2 months ago
RTX 3070 Review - Worth the $900?
Taylor P
Taylor P 2 months ago
The card now over 700$
Fiends 2 months ago
$500??? It’s going for $1500🤣
Omid Navid
Omid Navid 2 months ago
And the other thing is i'm an AMD fan so, i'm defensively gonna prefer an AMD powered GPU rather than nVidia such as RX 5700 or higher
Omid Navid
Omid Navid 2 months ago
$500 For a GPU ? are u high, the most expensive GPU i've bought was RX 580 for around $190 bucks and i'll wait for the next gen GPU to get around that price then buy it at cheap
Ty Aldemio
Ty Aldemio 2 months ago
Sure its great... If you can but it tho.
Rohit h
Rohit h 2 months ago
This guy asking is it worth 500 dollars where as in India we are paying 850-900 dollars 😭😭 we should ask is it worth it. I am commenting without watching the video just came here from the title of the video
You are correct I am wrong because I say
Make a new video for this card considering its not available anywhere below $800 let alone $500.
George Tgr
George Tgr 2 months ago
I dont know where you guys are getting these prices...But where I live they cost like 100-300$ more, even double the price..
David Carcamo
David Carcamo 2 months ago
Worth 500? No it was worth 1200
DRGXIII 2 months ago
From user benchmark there are more 3080 owners the 3070.
baby 2 months ago
No stock being sold for $750 $800 etc, managed to find one for $599 mid december
S. Kshirsagar
S. Kshirsagar 2 months ago
Did you know the rtx 3070 price is 1,300$ in India Asus,gigabite,Galax,zotatoic,MSi Every company's rtx 3070 price is 1,300$ in India. Its all because of tax which every one hate.
fabricetraub 2 months ago
500? the card is 719€ + ...
David chavez
David chavez 2 months ago
1080 ti was my dream card and I got it now
Sam Langham
Sam Langham 2 months ago
Should I upgrade to this from a sapphire nitro Radeon 570
raw footage dot exe
raw footage dot exe 2 months ago
I've got an RTX 3070 from Inno3D last week... It's a freaking beast! I can highly recommend this card to anyone.
SgtShiny 2 months ago
"it only has 8 gigs of VRAM" (me with a rx 570 with only 4 gigs in 2020) "pepehands"
WALRIDER - 2 months ago
Appreciate what you have mate im over here gaming on a ps4 and a laptop with a VEGA 10 APU IN 2020
Korra Smith
Korra Smith 2 months ago
I have intel hd graphics.
deppressed owl
deppressed owl 2 months ago
wow information we couldnt have known without your help thanks for showing us that this is a great card that we cant get for another 5-6 months without overpaying. Go ahead and make a beast 3090 setup while your 3070 collects dust
Cat 2 months ago
In US: RTX 3070 Review - Worth the $500? In S.Korea: RTX 3070 Review - Worth the $1000?
Rasmus Rönkkö
Rasmus Rönkkö 2 months ago
500$ rtx 3070? Why do I have pay 500 fucking euros for a rtx 3060 ti
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J. Balvin - Ma' G
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