Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - First Look! 

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Before my full review, here are my early thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
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Jan 14, 2021




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Comments 100   
Rashesh panchal
Rashesh panchal 12 days ago
Where can i get this wallpaper?
Eleton 19 days ago
Just ordered mines today 😎
ART Tv 22 days ago
....thanks to that other company... its like he hated Apple hehehe
wowerman 29 days ago
Listen to my 5 cents please. I have had Galaxy S7 since came out. Now after it 's motherboard crashed I ordered from ebay other faulty to make one out of two. If you search on ebay for Galaxy S8,S9,S10,S20 most of them have screen shattered issues.They have almost same processors, same battery capacity there is no benefit of getting a new replacement model. Since all new phones have screen to it's edges and no frame protection they will suffer from same problems. What I see in new phones means bigger screen and more cameras every year. It is like holding a brick with 20 eyes.Screw it. I am staying with my S7 which has best score amongst them all. No SD card slot and no earphones and no charger?pfff hahahah.Joke.Stylus to do graphics on such a small surface? Get a drawing board or use 26 inch monitor.New phones become a business "blink blink" show off jewellery.
Danielles Luxury Home
What an amazing video! Thanks for the tips! I have also posted a video showing my first impressions of the Samsung S21 Ultra with x100 test! - us-first.info/player/video/qtNndJ6kp42igoE.html
Bob Coco
Bob Coco Month ago
When I think of thickness, something that's nice to grip, or has + girth, the 1st thing that comes into my mind is utterly different..... Thks to that other company.... Don't rationnaly judge me 😎
Carnac Steele
Carnac Steele Month ago
She: Why is it so slender and small? Me: Because it has to go in and out of ur hole
Val Kyrie
Val Kyrie Month ago
When phones are getting 16gb ram and my phone still has 16gb storage :")
Jason Bronzo
Jason Bronzo Month ago
"Nothing special about this black" How many matte black phones can you list....
Camille Regala
Camille Regala Month ago
The way Dave said “chonky” instead of “chunky” proves that trends make existing words obsolete or at least, out of style.
Aryan Goud
Aryan Goud Month ago
Mannnnnn checkout the Nvidea sharpening filter. It changes the game! It gets rid of the blur and makes it look even better than 1080p on a 1080p screen. Dk why it's not talked about much! am talking for 1440p monitor screens that are coming out for laptops!
Aryan Goud
Aryan Goud Month ago
Mannnnnn checkout the Nvidea sharpening filter. It changes the game! It gets rid of the blur and makes it look even better than 1080p on a 1080p screen. Dk why it's not talked about much! am talking for 1440p monitor screens that are coming out for laptops!
Ren Droidz
Ren Droidz Month ago
How many cameras are considered a lot? 🤔
Cayla Will
Cayla Will Month ago
Wait, he looks like that guy from HTGAWM lol
biruk getie
biruk getie Month ago
Pls pls send for me any android phone pls pls pls plsssssss my phone Is broken plsssssss Am poor pls
Abhimanyu Roy
Abhimanyu Roy Month ago
Can you do a comparison between s21Ultra Snapdragon 888 vs s21Ultra Exynos 2100
Diogo Carvalho
Diogo Carvalho Month ago
You've got the best quality hoodies. Where do you buy them? lol
Leokeyx Leokeyx
Leokeyx Leokeyx Month ago
i grew up from Nokia and then transitioned to Samsung smartphones, S3, Note Edge (note 6), now currently on Note 9 i so wanted to get this phone but was immediately turned off by the lack of SD card and seriously NO FUCKING HEADPHONE PORT??? (fuck apple btw) and RAM was not what i expected too.... so disappointed with this one
Emily An
Emily An Month ago
Dave: "Thanks to that other company" Apple: 👁️👄👁️
CF542 Month ago
Bums me out that the S21 doesn’t get pen support or UWB when it’s supposed to be a premium phone. Not everyone wants to carry a brick sized phone.
Anyone else bored with phones lately? These are such a step down from last year. Typically Samsung has been in a spec wars with themselves, but not this year. Maybe it’s LG leaving the smartphone space. At least in the states there’s not much else to chose from. Apple or Samsung. Now yet again copying Apple on not I closing chargers. Hopefully one plus comes through.
jamreal18 Month ago
Hope you make a video revealing if Asus used MaxQ in their laptops.
JooJoo Flop
JooJoo Flop Month ago
Punch hole still a no from me.
Adam Aufdermauer
What hoody is that?? Looks thicc and nice.
Emily An
Emily An Month ago
Dave: "Thanks to that other company" Apple: 👁️👄👁️
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Month ago
"Has the girth of like, a chopstick let's say ...I don't know why that came to my mind... don't racially judge me..." we must protect Dave at all costs
Rosemarie Elise Salvador
can't wait for Jerry to tear open this phone.
Dhruvit Prajapati
that note resting on the right side of the table is the real beast!!😍😍🙌
blues03 Month ago
4:52 Trapped Dave trying to escape from the phone screen.
Xuân Huỳnh
Xuân Huỳnh Month ago
3.5mm *took away, Charger *SS - no charging block for you sheeps. It's a feature downgrade every release! LOL at the sheeps following...
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Month ago
why tho? who even uses these features on daily life
MyhcA Month ago
Right now, what should I buy: S21 One Plus 8t One plus 8 pro S20FE Mi11 Pixel 5 Other I can afford all of them so just pick the best please.
Terry Carlton
Terry Carlton Month ago
Only an Android fanboy would think a bulky case (with the bulk loaded on one side to hide a pen) is a good thing
Terry Carlton
Terry Carlton Month ago
Nah. Still don't like the camera area
Zaselim Gaming Videos
So the galaxy note 20 ultra (which is still a lot pricy compared to what it is) will the last great phone from Samsung until they add all the features/accessories they removed (SD slot, charger, earphones). They need to know that that other company gets away with it because of 2 reasons mainly. 1. There have no direct competition (because of their inhouse OS unlike multiple of android phone brands) 2. Their fans/user/target base is stupid as hell as they accept all this shit. Not saying that Samsung doesn't have those but far less and as an android user there are still other android good phones from other brands to choose from. I am a fan of Samsung displays so I always preferred their phones (currently on my 3rd year of note 8 -Dec 22, 2017) but they disappointed me big time this year because of S21 series and their laser projector.
where are the ryzen 7 4800u laptops??
タイロン Month ago
2:15 I love how your using the asus tuf dash a15 as the background you really weren't kidding when you said you liked the laptop geez/
Hamza Haytham
Hamza Haytham Month ago
2:09 “This chonky zone”
Fauzi Rahman
Fauzi Rahman Month ago
There was a time when everyone was rushing to be a thin phone, but now the trend is in the thick camera assembly.
Ramy El Zahaby
Ramy El Zahaby Month ago
No memory expansion slot? No charger? Still no AUX port? I guess I'm gonna stick with my S10 a while longer.
A. Stoic
A. Stoic Month ago
Does the camera hump need a skin??
👨🏻‍💻 Month ago
WHY do they insist on keeping that STUPID curved edge display, then take away the SD slot?! And STOP making the phone thinner I’d rather have no camera bump and extra day of battery life cause the phone is a little thicker!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️
Martin Clay
Martin Clay Month ago
Do they have Phantom Menace color?
ZLEK Month ago
Dave, please do a review on the Thunderobot 918MT! It looks like it’s too good to be true!
Bijaun Tahery
Bijaun Tahery Month ago
why tho? who even uses these features on daily life
XeRzclanPR Month ago
All these camera features just for the quality to be terrible in every social media app
Sailor Emily
Sailor Emily Month ago
Im looking into getting a new phone my samsung A20 is getting old. Any reccomendations?
Avieshek Month ago
Girth is important, otherwise a pen is a toothpick. -_~
Prakhar Singh
Prakhar Singh Month ago
Hi bro you give me to Razer laptop free ..?
Riding Rock Beats
Bro please make a review video of 2021 back to school laptops!!!!
ericneo2 Month ago
I'm really hating all these first impressions, give us a proper review with pros and cons not this shit!
Paul Month ago
someobody come up with Android that runs natively on the CPU. This java runtme is ruining computing on phones.
Edgar Marquez
Edgar Marquez Month ago
😂 "like a chopstick... Don't... Don't... Racial judge me"... Very natural, organic comment.
Douglas Moat
Douglas Moat Month ago
No sd card support, no headphone jack or power brick?! For the first time in 8 years I will be looking at other options beyond Samsung.
littlered curious
Cha Ching 🤦🏾
TechDown Month ago
Still waiting on a full camera comparison with Iphone 12
Tyler Dowd
Tyler Dowd Month ago
kinda ugly
DK Month ago
Why not make it thicc and put big battery in?
Villiam Hansen
Villiam Hansen Month ago
how's the s21 ghost touches? 🤔
Abyss Will
Abyss Will Month ago
Well so far it kinda sucks
MatundaMan UG
MatundaMan UG Month ago
hobobbobho Month ago
No storage expansion? That’s easily one of the most compelling features and they killed it
GrayFox370 Month ago
@Sharky165 Sony does all that. Look at the Experia 5 ii. 6 inch 1080p 21 by 9 aspect ratio 120hz oled display with a 240hz touch response. A headphone jack. A notification led light. No notch. No hole punch. Micro SD expansion. IP68 water resistance. Front facing stereo speakers. Paired with a super stock like OS with very minor tweaks and apps like a very professional camera app. All for 900 bucks. Only problem is no one buys them, the camera app has a learning curve and I don't know how the modding community is like. If you can unlock the bootloader and flash roms and throw on Pixel Experience on there, you have the best phone imo. Or just throw gcam on it. Fun fact, almost every high-end smartphone uses Sony's own cameras. It's all about the software tuning.
Rishi Bappanad
Rishi Bappanad Month ago
@Sharky165 and Sony
Sharky165 Month ago
Indeed. 🤦🏼‍♂️😠🤬😩 LG, to its credit, is now the _ONLY_ major smartphone OEM (at least of those who produce flagships) that continues to offer not only micro-SD card support, but also 3.5mm headphone jacks (with good DACs) in its devices. On the downside, LG's Android skin is disliked by many, OS updates are infrequent and inconsistent, and most of its phones have unlockable Bootloaders (making them hard to root for those who'd like to install a custom ROM).
Andre C.
Andre C. Month ago
It should be said, the $70 case includes a pen.
Hassan Mutaasa
Hassan Mutaasa Month ago
question is should you get an s20 or wait for the s21?
Maghanga Charles
normal tech reviewers: "camera bump." Dave Lee: "camera hump"
Sarthak Jagtap
Sarthak Jagtap Month ago
Brother can you please make video on best gaming laptop under 1000 dollars Love watching your videos
Eric Yeutter
Eric Yeutter Month ago
Always love your videos Dave!
Mai Month ago
I think I will purchase s pen without case, since the case with the room for s pen is too big to handle by one hand. I also saw some photos that there will be a S pen pro, which is really look like a pen.
Hawk 33
Hawk 33 Month ago
Delicue Month ago
Love the lofi outro
Jonathan De Felice
Are we still getting exynos variants? When is samsung supposed to use Snapdragon chips in all of their phones?
Ioan Jivan
Ioan Jivan Month ago
Samsung copying Apple's strategies :)) I guess I'll ditch the brand
Rizwan Hassan
Rizwan Hassan Month ago
Apple fanboy doesn't like a new Samsung phone, that's a shocker, really didn't see that coming.
Sharky165 Month ago
Dave is anything BUT an iSheep.
Vlad Month ago
Hm, this is the first time when I actually liked Samsung smartphone
Sujays Photography
Thanks for the no-ad video 👏
Roni G
Roni G Month ago
Good ☺
22nd account Due to censorship
Wtf. You call that chunky? Spoiled fruk. I have a m51 with a thick spigen hard silicone case. Beautyful. Too bad i can't get a high end phone because of frunks like you who cannot deal with thick phones. They want money so they will not make a big battery on top models because idezoots need it thin. Frunkers.
Jesse Orozco
Jesse Orozco Month ago
You have to change s pen on the note inside the phone on the galaxy s21 ultra you do not to charge on the phone
BTICronox Month ago
No microSD slot... aaaand I'm out.
22nd account Due to censorship
Until you'r phone's planned lifespan ends and there will be no new phones with microsd except for "pro" models with a price tag of 1000+. But who am i kidding, by then it will probably be normal to apend 2000+ on a phone just to get features you could get a decate ago for just 200.
Aaron Lecciones
Aaron Lecciones Month ago
You know the world is doomed when someone compares an object to a chopstick and is afraid of being cancelled by woke leftist mobs because of socialist wrongthink.
sidd0123 Month ago
That intro is crisp af, Dave.
Constant learner
It looks a bit ugly
Hood Hussler
Hood Hussler Month ago
Did they finally fix the camera? Samsung is way behind and the video shakes and lags on previous flagships
Marc DeLeon
Marc DeLeon Month ago
Why is everyone ignoring the line “Chonky Zone”? lol
tomas schmied
tomas schmied Month ago
Thoes hands moves are out of control
Kaio Studio
Kaio Studio Month ago
I'll keep my note20 ultra until may be S22. Note20 pen is for notetaking and drafting.
Kamarul Dzaman Ajimain
When will the embargo of camera comparisons with other flagships be lifted?
Stulys Month ago
So the flagship already overpriced phone gets no sd card slot’ no charger’ no dual sim, an ugly case with a functional slimmed down pen which you have to pay for.... I'm baffled people want to buy it. Had Samsung for 10 years now but they lost me now.
Petrolhead 777
Petrolhead 777 Month ago
No charger, no micro SD slot - Time to switch to other Android options or even iPhone after years of being a Samsung user. What a shame Samsung!
Vineet Kansotia
Vineet Kansotia Month ago
Relaxing as always... 😌
William Michelangelo
into bass is sick
Public Name
Public Name Month ago
Insanity to ever exclude earbud capability in a phone!
Riley Mannion
Riley Mannion Month ago
Put in a pre order for the ultra, im excited lol even going from an s10+ itll be a good upgrade, also before yall bitch at me for upgrading so soon I use my phone for work and my s10 has been used to death😂
Korra Smith
Korra Smith Month ago
is alex lee ur brother?
Scott Month ago
"The girth of a chopstick... dont racially judge me..." haha
konikuz Month ago
I still think he's sitting 🤣🤣🤣
MaNsOuR Al-MaLkI
After watching MKBHD and Linus after, you sir have never failed to always let us know a lot more important details that the previous guys did not. Hats off to you
Luis Negrete
Luis Negrete Month ago
“Thanks to that other company”? You make it sounds like Apple forced everyone to also ditch the power brick in the box. Samsung is a big boy now, capable of making their own decisions.
Darrin Month ago
Ok..the camera is better than my s20 ultra..but no sd card is a big deal breaker for me.
Timmy Jones
Timmy Jones Month ago
I purchased a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note Ultra 5G October 2020 , I don't use the S Pen feature I did tinker with it to see how it works , I found our naval base 50 year ink pins with rubber tip top works well on my new phone the camera is sunken in so it does not touch the table or surfaces you lay the phone on so while the S21 new cell phone has some new advanced features they don't justify me purchasing the new S21 I prefer to purchase a new phone every 12 months and don't do videos with my phone so wishing the S21 success .
Thanh Tran
Thanh Tran Month ago
Smooth... lubricated... go in and out of the hole easily... chunky... 😅
Michael Marcano
Michael Marcano Month ago
Dont' racially judge me....lmao i'm done! Props for keeping it in the edit!