The Best Laptops - 2020 Picks! 

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The Best gaming laptops and performance laptops from this year.
My favs: amzn.to/3nj9K7S / amzn.to/3gMyMKb / amzn.to/3qRV8yt
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Dec 13, 2020




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Comments 100   
Dave2D 2 months ago
i think this is longest video i've ever uploaded. What are your fav laptops this year??
Prat Tiwari
Prat Tiwari 3 days ago
Where is Asus ROG Duo 15 ??
七指闪哥SV TAN
七指闪哥SV TAN 13 days ago
How About Rog Strix g15 ?
Anees Anwar
Anees Anwar 17 days ago
And I've watched it 3 times over the last few months aha
LaptopTipsAtoZ 21 day ago
@Danial Mian Abi DELL
Sam Loki
Sam Loki 22 days ago
Zephyrus M15 2070 Max-Q (because I have one)
Kells G
Kells G Minute ago
Seems like I am going to upgrade my msi gtx965 to another msi...
Ralf schmidt der echte
Is this a good deal Legion 5 RTX 2060, AMD Ryzen™ 5 4600H,144hz, 347nits, 17 inch, 16gb ram for 1.099,00 euro
Chris johnson
Chris johnson 7 hours ago
You throttle hard and Your a A tier to me Dave 👍
Amit Chopra
Amit Chopra Day ago
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Ravi Pappu
Ravi Pappu Day ago
What does S mean, The S Tier? So, Its above the A Tier
Yes No
Yes No 2 days ago
oh my god its already march
Zxrc 2 days ago
Bought the Asus TUF F15 FX506LI. Is it actually that bad?
bong kem
bong kem 3 days ago
G14 it is then, i'll wait until next gen comes and get this year's gen for cheap ;))))
The Sher Gaming
The Sher Gaming 3 days ago
Which lap will you prefer for the gaming and high end company work
Saahil Sofat
Saahil Sofat 4 days ago
I like your watch. Which one is it ?
mohsen doraghi
mohsen doraghi 4 days ago
I thought owning a laptop makes you happy, now I know even 68 won't.
Hesam Shafienya
Hesam Shafienya 4 days ago
I'm considering buying Legion 5i because this model available in my country and i will use this machine for machine learning after all the research I have done.
Jay Velasquez
Jay Velasquez 5 days ago
Wait, no MSI?
Parth Pratim
Parth Pratim 5 days ago
Guys would it be wise to upgrade an old laptop with i5-5200 with ssd and ram in 2021, for general office use involving word and excel docs and occasional content watching?? Just putting it out there
N S 5 days ago
Were there no Zenbooks in 2020?
Nirvan Bhoyroo
Nirvan Bhoyroo 5 days ago
*Happy Omen noises*
Regis Aex
Regis Aex 5 days ago
never buying a dell xps every again / have ton of semi dead pixels in the top left quarter of the 4k screen and the coil noise ew ... a friend owns a razor blade that thing is so smooth
Pops Hops
Pops Hops 5 days ago
i got a macbook air last year and literally every time i have any game or extra tab open my shit sounds like its running a marathon :0000
Lloyd John
Lloyd John 6 days ago
So basically, performance plus design, regardless of the price, Tier A laptops are the best
Andrew Pascual
Andrew Pascual 7 days ago
Well Dave, the M15 did get a Ryzen Chip. A.K.A the G15
Waggle Ivah
Waggle Ivah 7 days ago
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Stetson Smoak
Stetson Smoak 7 days ago
"thermal issues up the butt" lololol
Jay Velasquez
Jay Velasquez 7 days ago
@17:18, Everybody wins! (cracks me up)
Lev Lev.
Lev Lev. 8 days ago
10:56 best moment 😏
yshbalaram SM
yshbalaram SM 8 days ago
Can you give away gaming laptop
Soham Rakhunde
Soham Rakhunde 8 days ago
Why is Omen 15 in S tier But Legion 5 a better device in A tier
Daniel Rafidi
Daniel Rafidi 8 days ago
dave: "its B tier cuz it is a red gaming laptop" me: huh, make sense
Adam 9 days ago
Can somebody explain, why Asus TUF gaming A15 is so bad? I've ordered it because of pretty good performance/price ratio, but many reviewers bash it because of temperature problems. Please help me if you can, I'm confused.
arbaz Shakil
arbaz Shakil 9 days ago
17:25 is all you need to watch
mangospecial 9 days ago
Many independent reviewers downgrade the asus tuf 15. Is the thermal & display really bad?
Kasper369 10 days ago
thanks god i found this video, coz i want a gaming laptop under $1k. and i googled it and a article said ASUS TUF is the best gaming laptop.
Veer Shah
Veer Shah 10 days ago
Why cant companies just listen to US-firstrs. Its not that hard.
Noel K.
Noel K. 10 days ago
"Alright." heart attacked
ms p
ms p 10 days ago
WindowOS = 80.5% market share ChromeOS = 10.8% market share 2020 MacOS = 7.5% market share 2020 So much for the M1 chip...lol
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 10 days ago
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Class Xqw1ss
Class Xqw1ss 11 days ago
I suggest you consider the best option asus nitro 5
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 11 days ago
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ph am
ph am 12 days ago
Dell did all what thet could about thermal on the 9700s,blame intel
john paul
john paul 12 days ago
dell xps runs very hot my friend. its d tier for me. even my g5 15 5500 runs cooler than that xps
Joseph naki
Joseph naki 12 days ago
I lake
Sudip Howlader
Sudip Howlader 13 days ago
No HP Spectre?
Marcus Cotto
Marcus Cotto 13 days ago
Thank you for your videos help!!
Ishan Mishra
Ishan Mishra 13 days ago
Dave's fav gaming laptop block of ice.
Rahul Raj Rai
Rahul Raj Rai 13 days ago
I have always said that. Alienware with AMD will win everything
Ahmed ideal
Ahmed ideal 14 days ago
Does dell xps have a good trackpad
Marten van der Krift
I want to buy one of these s-tier laptops, but when I search, they are all slightly different, one has gtx 1660, one has rtx 2060, one has gtx 1650
Marcus Cotto
Marcus Cotto 14 days ago
What hp omen is that?
Azzurri82 15 days ago
re: XPS 17" -- also unsure if the trackpad QC issues have been completely taken care of by Dell? Supposedly some drag/drop trackpad issues with it, unlike the wobble issues solved by Dell earlier this year with the 15". Expensive for QC issues. Also totally agree on Alienware software issues. I'm currently in the process of replacing a 17" R4.
jo sep
jo sep 15 days ago
Legion 5 is pretty similar to Omen 15 no? Why is legion A and Omen S?
Sanigdhaya 15 days ago
I bought a dell G5 I7 out of college needs, had several problems, couldn't be fixed for 2 friggin months, got it refunded (took another month) bought an Omen(cheaper and better hardware) and now I am much happier xD, only maybe the 45% NTSC(I am an animator not gamer) display is a bit disappointing but can be fixed
Joshua Lim
Joshua Lim 15 days ago
What is the software he is using for the tier ranking? It seems very well optimised!
Titan Tal
Titan Tal 15 days ago
wow surprised the m1 macbooks didnt go into s tier cause they improved a lot and the price is actaully very reasonable and u could get higher storage if u want, well that kinda costs a kidney in apple eyes so yeah nevermind its an A tier alright.
Chathuranga Kularathna
what is your idea about motile ryzen 3500 laptop?
sean lim
sean lim 16 days ago
How does the macbook pro compare to the macbook air?
Danot Meahlan
Danot Meahlan 16 days ago
Brooo, somebody just tell me the best laptop 😭
Christian Rodriguez
Any review for the surface laptop 7?
A. Hashem
A. Hashem 17 days ago
Hi Dave! Thanks for the great videos. I'm considering buying zenbook 14 ux 425 with the 11th gen i7 processor, I would really like to know your opinion real quick, like if you recommend it or not, of course if it's not too much trouble. Thanks again.
Cyber Tg
Cyber Tg 17 days ago
12:35 ahah Like a teacher giving grades to his students sjsjhsjjs :)
Loz 17 days ago
Please start reviewing cameras and speakers, that’s what we all use now! 😂
Nhân Nguyễn Dương Đạt
Very good
Vicinity VR
Vicinity VR 18 days ago
Need a laptop under $1000 good for work and lots of multitasking. Not gaming. Was hoping this list might help me but they're all more expensive laptops. What should I get?
NOTV 18 days ago
random question: where do you buy that light for your background light?
Michael Ernie Diva
Michael Ernie Diva 18 days ago
Sir, how about the ROG strix g17? With i7, 16gb Ram, 1660i gtx, 17 inches display 144 hrtz?😊
Blue king
Blue king 18 days ago
Your telling me I spent 1k for a D tier laptop 😦
akimo tuary
akimo tuary 18 days ago
Well, i do have an Asus Tuf f15, it totally worth for the price, and so far i didn't have heat issues, i'm using the intel ones, idk with the amds but them supposed to be even cooler than intel ones. Compared to acer nitro and legion in the same specs, i definitely went for the asus in performance and value vs money. i ust got 2 4k screens and it goes perfect. In my tier, personally is way above those nitro and legion, it just don't perform as well, Cheers!
Forex Course and Signals
I didn't like the HP Omen because the fans always stayed on, even when not doing anything. I returned it for that reason.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 19 days ago
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ZevenLV 20 days ago
Msi stealth 66. Everything but the screen brightness, did I miss it?
cruithne_2292 JL
cruithne_2292 JL 20 days ago
20:36 The distribution has a bell shape; it must be right.
Penny Geno
Penny Geno 20 days ago
I honestly dont understand why they pump out so many devices that basically all do the same stuff, dont people grow tired of this shit yet? windows is the same no matter which laptop it runs on. just different plastic housing, boohoo. how many laptops do people buy? one each year? wtf? Been away from the computer scene for a while, and now all these exotic no sensical naming systems are just way way beyond comprehension for anyone. who the fuck can remember all these code names? absolute madness
Toni Thomas
Toni Thomas 21 day ago
Dave I gotta question... You placed omen 15 in S and legion 5 in A... While in another video you were speaking about issues and found omen to have more screen issues and legion to have rarely some.... So what do I buy? Omen or legion? Both are amazing but one has to be better...
Matthew Reddick
Matthew Reddick 21 day ago
Am I just a freak for wanting a ui that includes a touch screen while also wanting to occasionally game? Should I just give up on appearing professional at the work place while also having a system I can go home and game with?... the search continues.
Matthew Reddick
Matthew Reddick 21 day ago
Actually, just gonna rock with the XE integrated gpu’s and save some money while still looking sleek. Thanks for all your videos.
LaptopTipsAtoZ 21 day ago
ShyGuy 21 day ago
S Tier for Something more Budget? 1k-1.4k $?
Aashman Srivastava
Aashman Srivastava 22 days ago
can you do a review on lenovo yoga 730
Will RunRun
Will RunRun 22 days ago
Hi, if possible to review the travel gaming laptop backpack sleeve for amzn.to/2qduu8q , amzn.to/2IytCSd,amzn.to/3n0x2zH, shall we be in touch?
Yash Mistry
Yash Mistry 22 days ago
The reaction for G14 makes me more proud of owning it !
23 Hats
23 Hats 22 days ago
More like best gaming capable laptops of 2020
Azzurri82 22 days ago
What IS your go to for productivity?
AttackAndConquer 23 days ago
Are you using Naruto rankings lol
ABC 123
ABC 123 23 days ago
Thanks for the video. Thumbs up. Just wondering which tier the Dell G7 would be in.
graham chandler
graham chandler 23 days ago
omg fucking god bye time waster
Pain Cycle Of Hate
Pain Cycle Of Hate 24 days ago
Which presentation software are you using on the mac? Is it available on windows ? Ty!
Scooby 24 days ago
Its tough being a TUF Apart from loud fans I'm mostly happy
Adib Afnan
Adib Afnan 24 days ago
Saitama also in the C tier.. but he's powerful
Misham Faith. S
Misham Faith. S 25 days ago
Hahah I have an omen😋
Thilak Reddy
Thilak Reddy 26 days ago
I have been using asus tuf a17 and i have no heating issues and it is the best laptop having the extended configurations and i don't know why all of them are with the heating issues...
Julian van der Merwe
Genuine question. What is better about the omen vs the legion 5? Far as I can tell, if you spec them the same, the legion performs better, and has a better display and a numpad.
Josua D
Josua D 26 days ago
TUF 15 was such a disaster, and ASUS double downed on it so hard by getting angry and threatening lawsuits to steve when HWU reviewed it. ASUS, you need some change in management, fast. You can't sell crap and rely on brand name to lift sales on the long run. Look at Intel, it's getting eaten alive by AMD. You guys want to be the next Intel in the industry?
Evil Potato
Evil Potato 26 days ago
The reason thermal performance is important is because heat wears out parts and ruins the durability.
Amlan Manna
Amlan Manna 26 days ago
I would've put all the laptops which doesn't have after sales service in India at D tier...
Benjamin Koch
Benjamin Koch 26 days ago
any info on the release date?
Tiit Nugiste
Tiit Nugiste 26 days ago
I am looking for laptop gaming and doing school work on it
YOUTUBER88 27 days ago
I have a G14 and I can't get the back to light up. I bought it for around $1,500. It is the silver one if that makes a difference, but I can't get it.
vignesh nagaraj
vignesh nagaraj 27 days ago
17:25 ROG G14
Joshua Lachama
Joshua Lachama 27 days ago
M15 r3 deserve to be at least A tier because the only problem to it it's thermals and it's easily fix with re-paste .It's very powerful and aesthetically most beautiful laptop in 2020
edbenzino 27 days ago
Love this way of showing whats hot and whats not. Every tech reveiwer should do this. Dave can you please do this for video editing laptops. Thanks
hybdj 27 days ago
Very useful thanks!
MightyJoeYoung 27 days ago
Truck driver here in the market to game portably. G14, Legion 5, or Rp15 are my top considerations right now. I play a lot of For Honor and want the best response times and highest frame rate. My budget is right around $1200, but I’m willing to pay up to $1700 for the right one. Wondering if I should just keep waiting, or get a budget laptop around $1000 to hold me over for a year+. Eventually the goal is 1ms response time locked at 240hz, but who knows how long we’ll have to wait until we get a laptop capable of that. I’m thinking at least 1-3 years out. I’d be willing to go above budget for that. I don’t care or know much about “thermals” as long as the performance is good while it’s hot.