The Gaming Laptop Trap 

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Review of the Acer Triton 300 SE, Asus Dash F15 and the MSI Stealth 15M performance using the Intel H35 chips. As well as a discussion of Intel vs AMD gaming laptops right now.
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Jan 30, 2021




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Dave2D Month ago
Intel's gaming laptop stuff ain't it right now
stvn 6 days ago
Orane Patterson
Orane Patterson 9 days ago
Moutasim Al-Ayoubi
Moutasim Al-Ayoubi 18 days ago
I just bought one and it costs $1200 and it reached me before 2 days, now, I saw ur video like WTH
mael 19 days ago
@Tony Ni nope
Индира Вахитова
@Dave2D Hi, so I wanted to buy a gaming laptop in a few month, but I can't choose anything. I wanted a 17.3 inch laptop. After searching in the internet I found out that it's better to buy more powerfull but 15.6 inch laptop (within $2000). Can you make a review on such notebooks in april/may/june?
Abrar ali
Abrar ali 8 hours ago
a sincere review
Zacappa 11 hours ago
watching this on my HP Pavillon
Anonymous Youtuber
Anonymous Youtuber 17 hours ago
Hehe. Watching this from Acer gtx1060 laptop i bought in 2017. works great, except its always about to catch on fire
Hodor Hodor
Hodor Hodor 18 hours ago
cool, good vid! what do you think of the new intel gpus?
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 20 hours ago
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Tylor Stankley
Tylor Stankley 20 hours ago
Yeah I messed up
Paul Hoyer
Paul Hoyer 21 hour ago
Dude, everything in the camera is clean as frick, the dude has some nice sweater, the laptops are clean in their design, the Painting in the background is perfekt, dude how
Amit Chopra
Amit Chopra Day ago
The pleasant bridge specially return because resolution conversely separate forenenst a ordinary entrance. neat, ill roast
Rishabh Sharma
I have a budget of 900, no more, can I buy a decent laptop which can run games if I played on low settings 🥺
Verne Arase
Verne Arase Day ago
Not to mention the Apple's M1x machines in Q3 which quite well could cause a paradigm shift in upper level laptops in general. Of course when you're talking gaming laptops there aren't currently many games for Apple laptops, but developers aren't really religious about their hardware, and they go where their customers are and to devices where the performance they need exists. If things work out like I think they will, come Q3, it'll be difficult to recommend an upper level x86 laptop over a higher end MacBook Pro if you're OS agnostic - the price/performance/energy efficiency applecart is bound to be upset the same way the ultrabook side was upset by the M1, and on the BOM side the cost of processors inside these devices will have even a greater disparity as these machines tend to use more expensive processors.
Jan2010new Day ago
Yes, you are "conveying this properly". Thanks much for the honesty and the heads-up.
micah khan
micah khan Day ago
This guy be spitting truth.... That's it yeah. I'm subscribing.
Alberto Villarreal
Today is Sunday, placed an order for an Asus TUF Dash F15 (gun metal, not the white one)... Laptop supposed to arrive on Saturday for pickup at best buy. It cost me $1550 (with tax) I liked the 16GB of RAM that can be upgraded, came with 1TB SSD, and of course, an Invidia RTX3070... If I want to buy a laptop right now, should j keep this? Or cancel it and get something else? Budget $1500.00 Will use for gaming and video editing, desktop is not an option.
Zachary Parr
Zachary Parr 2 days ago
The Asus Tuf the rtx 3060 version is a great Desktop replacement and good school laptop. ThunderBolt 4 with charging. The longest lasting battery for a gaming laptop. Upgradability. The down fall is just the screen.
xetothex 2 days ago
when it comes to reliability, are intel laptops better? or do you not giveaway any reliability with going amd?
DewPieDie 2 days ago
==========To someone who wants to buy a gaming laptop, READ THIS FIRST============= I've used Desktop PCs all my life and since 2 years, I've had an MSI GE75 Raider 9SE. It has the following specs: i7-9750H RTX 2060 32 GB RAM 1 TB HDD 256 GB SSD What I can say is that gaming laptops are much worse than desktop PCs. There are FAR too many issues with them. My laptop has/had the following issues: Thermal throttling - The laptop came pre-applied with bad and messy thermal paste. I had to manually take the risk of opening it up and applying Kryonaut (for CPU/GPU) and K5 Pro Thermal grease for the VRMs. Thermal throttling part 2 - Even with perfect cooling (temps less than 80 degrees Celsius), the laptop will randomly power throttle and stay at 35W even though it should go to 72-80W for maximum performance. Cleaning and maintenance - I have to open up the laptop every 2 to 3 months, take off the cooler (Yes I have to re-apply thermal paste every time I do this) and open up the CPU/GPU fans clean them. The cooling fins suck so much dust in such short time (yes I do have compressed air cans) but still I need to open up the laptop every 2-3 months. Lack of upgradability - That's an easy one, you can't upgrade your laptop except the RAM and HDD/SSD. BATTERY - This is something that no youtuber or reviewers discusses. These gaming laptops only operate at maximum efficiency WHEN THEY ARE PLUGGED IN. YES, You read it right. Your GPU will only turn on if it is plugged it. CPU will only be used up to 30% of its maximum efficiency. This means you can't play games while the laptop is unplugged. You will get like 5 fps whereas the moment you plug it in, the fps will go to 100-120 (implying that the GPU turns on) Price - you can build a much better desktop PC at the price of a gaming laptop. BUT if you travel a lot and have power outlets or if you need portability, then gaming laptops are good for you.
Luna Kat
Luna Kat 2 days ago
Love how I was on the internet looking for gaming laptops for my kid and a few days later this video pops up. I feel so connected to the internet. It’s so convenient and not at all creepy and stalker like.
Jiayi Liu
Jiayi Liu 2 days ago
I used to wonder why: why are low-quality products developed and sold at criminal prices, while only enriching a few. It's cos we keep rewarding them due to our ignorances (in every sense of the word) Thank you for the video, if only more people questioned more before forking over their money and allowing this vicious cycle to continue
Bhookad Banjara
Bhookad Banjara 2 days ago
There is dell gaming laptop ad lmao
Prosper Omiponle
Prosper Omiponle 2 days ago
That Triton 300 SE lookin mighty fine but the cpu need a upgrade
Jerrad 2 days ago
Gaming laptops are pretty much just a list of specs and a price tag rn. I just bought a cheap 2020 lenovo legion 5 base model for 800usd and it's more than enough for my needs.
Shyamsundar Gupta
Hey i need to a purchase asap I need a good laptop on which I can game too and has the capability of handling 30tabs of chrome at one time. My budget is $1500-1800
HûNTeR 3 days ago
Plot twist: This video was sponsored by AMD
Raven Rav
Raven Rav 3 days ago
acer ntro 5 with 2060 is perfect for gaming
miro cioco
miro cioco 3 days ago
I'm still good with my 4.5 year old Unit Asus ROG GL502VM with Intel 7th gen, Gtx1060, 24GB Ram and 1 tera HD
Scott Cooper
Scott Cooper 4 days ago
Not for nothing, but I'm at the point where I don't need things to get freaking so thin and so light. Especially when we're talking about gaming laptops, most of us are going to be plugged in when we're playing.
DJ Anderson
DJ Anderson 4 days ago
You're too cute and highly useful ;-; #thanks #lovetoseeit
Aleverette S
Aleverette S 4 days ago
PhoonigaN 5 days ago
always go for the i5 and 50 series gpu budget laptops (1650ti) (i5 10300h). less powerful but its more efficient and can play esport games still rather than an overkill 3080+ i9 laptop that $2500 lmao their ridiculous at that point just get a desktop.
Man Does Stuff
Man Does Stuff 5 days ago
The Admiral Approves of this video.
Jeff Gamer
Jeff Gamer 5 days ago
in summary, don't buy intel gaming laptops
The Needler
The Needler 6 days ago
Can anyone tell me daves closing song, sounds like something played on chilled cow's channel
verified 6 days ago
Thank You!
Johnny Nighthawk
Johnny Nighthawk 6 days ago
I almost got that f15 when I missed the strix g17. Good thing I watched reviews.
James Dutton The Donutt
For smartphone geeks, its the laptop equivalent of selling a helio in a flagship, its going to be BAD
Manica Bawse
Manica Bawse 6 days ago
No webcam the fuck
Manica Bawse
Manica Bawse 6 days ago
For some reason I still think Intel dunks on Amd..for me amd means inferior
Manica Bawse
Manica Bawse 6 days ago
In the market for a computer IMA get me a16 gb ram ,3 GHz ,1tb hard drive 256 gb ssd desktop computer tower for £190
Karim K
Karim K 7 days ago
Appreciate the honest review well done
The Night
The Night 7 days ago
For editing video and photo is better the macbook pro m1 512gb 16gb or asus dash f15?
Priyabrata Parhi
Priyabrata Parhi 7 days ago
Nobody and I mean literally nobody would mock Intel better than Dave.
Georgitzu 7 days ago
Hi so I just found this video and I am going for a budget gaming laptop because I don’t have that much money to spend. I found a laptop/multiple with an i5 10300h and 1660ti or an i7 10750h and 1660ti. Now at this price range, Ryzen CPUs are quite hard to find...so should I find an AMD laptop or stick to Intel laptops?
Hamza Siddique
Hamza Siddique 8 days ago
Does anybody know what mouse he used in this video?
SourTitty 9 days ago
when will u be reviewing the legion 5 pro
Caesar Chaves
Caesar Chaves 9 days ago
AMD : We need this guy right now Call Him right now!
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 9 days ago
Can Blender work in HP 245 G7 ? Specs 8GB RAM Integrated Graphic Card AMD Ryzen 5th Generation ! Already installed many software like PS, AI, Davinci resolve, XD Pls advise
Muhammad Chandika
Muhammad Chandika 10 days ago
CWSC RADicAL 10 days ago
should i get the msi gf65 rtx 3060 laptop when it comes out im pretty poor
Abitamim Bharmal
Abitamim Bharmal 10 days ago
If AMD started supporting USB 4, Intel would be completely finished.
Lan S S
Lan S S 10 days ago
Nice man... I look at my ASUS Tuf-A15 that i got for $1000 new and compare those laptops and just think, "With AMD I have up to 14hr battery life in windows mode setting, 90watt battery , 3 USB ports, 1 Type-C, RTX1060Ti with HDR HDMI... I don't think any gaming laptop is worth buying above $1400, much less when i know in reality, ill get maybe 4 hours game play max on light low-end graphic gaming with my laptop. Those laptops pushing heavy gaming with a RTX3070 i expect nothing more than (1 1/2 hours) of gaming." Really like your honesty.
Fadzlan Yahya
Fadzlan Yahya 10 days ago
Well, if you have a lot of thunderbolt accessories, you'd be stuck with Intel and the pricing.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 10 days ago
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AshXArifツ 11 days ago
put the speed in 1.25x thank me later :)
Hack2science 11 days ago
I purchased a gaming laptop and it's motherboard burned while playing game
Javid Farhan
Javid Farhan 11 days ago
"right now at this exact moment in time ", that might not age well
Michael Hanratty
Michael Hanratty 11 days ago
sad that the triton doesn't have a ryzen cpu option since it honestly looks great
힝상우 11 days ago
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Random Citizen
Random Citizen 12 days ago
Abdalrahman Ya
Abdalrahman Ya 12 days ago
Instead of buying a laptop I am going to buy a iPad Pro Waiting for the 2021
Norman Hussaini
Norman Hussaini 12 days ago
That intro bass is lit
Visaural 12 days ago
Finally, the Intel slander video I needed in my life.
Jefferson Krol
Jefferson Krol 12 days ago
WILL YOU BE REVIEW THE msi gaming laptop ge75 ?
A. 13 days ago
So should i buy a razor blade that has intel chips or amd laptops but i couldn't find a good amd laptop can you do a review of a good one
Amayadori Shelter
Amayadori Shelter 13 days ago
What about the 6 core i7 10750h devices tho?
Order of Shadow
Order of Shadow 13 days ago
Glad I bought ryzen 5 😂😂😂
Rahul Raj Rai
Rahul Raj Rai 13 days ago
I honestly don't care about AMD chips though because my last alienware laptop hit 50 C with intel 8th gen i7 and the build quality was amazing so performance was not an issue. ASUS may be using AMD but they have shit quality. The laptop don't feel premium ever and just seem gimmicky. I remember mine came with that red key used for encryption. Anywho my point is it wont make a difference if the game is 20% faster because the build quality on AMD enabled laptops is not that good. If alienware launches an m17 R5 with AMD, I am all aboard that train.
Ponskippa 13 days ago
Do y’all think The upcoming Asus G14 with Ryzen 9 and RTX 3060 for $1500 going to be a good bet?
AmandaLarssonTV 14 days ago
What laptop should I get for school? I'm going to be specific and say film school. I need a laptop that I can edit both video, photo and audio files. I also hope that it can last more than just my school years. I'm starting in August.
John David C. Abatayo
Asus will not give an AMD option for the F15?
loul lol
loul lol 14 days ago
Hello I have an Aorus 15g wb: I7 10875H CPU and an RTX 2070, I thought it was a GPU heat issue but not it was the Intel CPU, OMG I never thought this generation of Intel CPU was so bad... RMA done today @/pray
Olivera Denčić
Olivera Denčić 14 days ago
When is the new AMD series coming out?
Ishan 14 days ago
Q2 2021
Howen Jayawi
Howen Jayawi 14 days ago
Halo guys. Dave here.
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 14 days ago
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Nero Redwood
Nero Redwood 14 days ago
Is a 10th gen intel i7 at least still good? Been wanting to buy a 2020 Acer Predator Helios 300. Which has RTX 2060, 6 core i7 processor, 16gb ram. And its $1200 XD
Joe Gregory
Joe Gregory 15 days ago
So have AMD cpus come out yet or no? Aren’t the 5000+ processors the new ones?
Johnny Wilson
Johnny Wilson 15 days ago
Interesting how your review of the tuf dash hinged a lot on it costing $1700 - the 3060 model can easily be found for £1000 in the UK
KoBur 15 days ago
One of the most honest reviewers ever
Izeck Hempseed
Izeck Hempseed 15 days ago
@Dave2D can you reconsider your use of the term gimped? Not very polite when there are other words that can be used that won't stigmatize some people, thank you for your consideration.
Tech Watch
Tech Watch 15 days ago
So basically wait till amd gpu is released?
Alex P
Alex P 15 days ago
looks like I got bamboozled then
r holbrook
r holbrook 15 days ago
How do you feel about ASUS - F15 with Intel 11th Gen i7 - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 - 512GB SSD for $1099?
Sans 16 days ago
Wait, I am new to laptops. I am going to buy a Lenovo legion 5 with Intel core i5. So is it a Lenovo legion 5i because the cpu is i5? Please answer
Perfo Rongo
Perfo Rongo 15 days ago
Basically, yes. They can name their laptop anything they want, and it's normal for manufacturers for the number at the end to refer to the chipset ("7" meaning Ryzen 7 or Intel i7, as they compete with each other). If the number is in the teens, like "13" or "17", then that typically refers to the diagonal screen size, in this example, 17 inches. There's no law that states they have to do that though, so remember to check the specs.
Steve Moore
Steve Moore 16 days ago
Intel is dead... RIP. You had a good run.
Lee Hayward
Lee Hayward 16 days ago
Title says gaming laptop trap, US-firstr waffles on about Intel or some shit for a bit then reviews a couple of laptops. Okay, I'm out!
HIATUS 16 days ago
My intel burned out watching youtube
HOkayson 16 days ago
Well said! The Intel mobile stuff isn't bad, it's just the AMD stuff is better, so if you can wait a month or two then it absolutely makes sense to wait rn. Now if only I had a reason to upgrade my laptop...
Amish Jha
Amish Jha 16 days ago
missive respect for D2D. It takes balls of steel to stand up against intel and do this. Most reviewers would take the easy way out and just publish what's told to them.
Ali 16 days ago
one of those laptops are my dream hopefully one day i will get one and before i do that i will make sure to check your gaming laptop viedos thanks
Artemis 17 days ago
Intel is like a 20$ crack whore begging for the next hit in a motel's parking lot in 2021
Ashley 17 days ago
Could you share a link to the wallpaper used please? Thanks.
Vidya 17 days ago
Kehna Kya Chahe ho ?
Jesus 17 days ago
It's so refreshing seeing a youtuber that doesn't come at you with loud, inflammatory language, but just lays down the facts calmly. Can you imagine this guy shouting "INTEL RIGHT NOW IS GARBAGE-TIER. STRAIGHT DOO-DOO. iF YOU BUY AN INTEL LAPTOP RIGHT NOW, YOU SHOULD JUST TOASTER-BATHTUB YOURSELF IMMEDIATELY."
SYLM 17 days ago
When dave says super weird. We all know it means. Super stupid and what the stupid fuck?
Static Gamer
Static Gamer 17 days ago
Hi Sir Is Intel's i5-4570 Good?
Drew Maglio
Drew Maglio 18 days ago
Intel still isn't as bad as they are made out to be. With undervolting, my i7-9750h is still pretty good and is slightly better than the 6 core ryzen 5 4600h. Secondly, you can't get an AMD laptop as they are all sold out. Third, Intel Tiger Lake has much better single core performance per watt and most games and software are written for Intel CPUs and that will take time to change.
Leonardo Soler
Leonardo Soler 18 days ago
The way you pronounce AMD as "am-d" took me a while to get what you were talking about (I wasn't watching, just listening)
Mohamed Ashaif
Mohamed Ashaif 18 days ago
What I love about Dave is his honesty
Sidharth Salugu
Sidharth Salugu 19 days ago
I understand what your trying say but I can't miss the thunderbolt
Emilio Exploring
Emilio Exploring 19 days ago
When does the new amd stuff come out?
This is TWO SSDs.
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